Leg ‘n’ an Erm

…I was in bed, 10pm comfy as hell and warm in my little cocoon of duvet. I bloody love my bed, it’s a double bed and has a stupidly comfy mattress, I still feel like it’s a pretty new bed even though I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for a few years. Anyway I’m digressing. I have the dulcet tones of Rutha Lashar or whatever the girl who reads the news is called these days and it’s some crap about Turkey. Now I’m gonna let out a big secret. I still have a teddy bear, I’m not proud of it but I still have a little stuffed animal that sleeps with me because honestly it’s like a really comfortable tiny little pillow plus I’ve had it for like a decade and a half and we’ve been friends forever ever since I grabbed it from a stall at some market we passed some time in London when I was like 0.7 years old. Me and my boy have been on major adventures, when I lost the kiddo at some BnB on some island in the middle of nowhere and the nice lady mailed it over or when I lost it somewhere on a hill and made my dad go search all over for it. Or that time my grandmother after his arm fell off (bless my child) tried to glue it on with bloody PVA, 8 year old me was livid. But after all that me and bae still share the same bed even after 15 years and one of us losing a limb.
There was a point to this post just saying that I really like having a streak, like I got out of bed and ran downstairs just to type this fucker up and admit this deep ass secret (I don’t really care, I’m not apologising for choosing the comfy option – wearing shorts and longs socks is the way to go)


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