Blow My High

First day of study leave and I’m already over it. I’ve never really liked to call myself either an introvert or extrovert, frankly I’d always preferred ambivert because it seemed obscure and really cool and a buzzfeed quiz gave it to me and it’s totally accurate because I answered one simple question about which purple line applied to me first. I think I may skew a little more towards extrovert because a day without human interaction is damn boring, that or revision is just boring.

A’ve two things to tell y’all kids: the greatness of serving others and choosing not to work. (I had to say em both here because I’d have forgotten one of them halfway through writing the other.

Revision is pretty selfish, it only benefits you and frankly the only reason you do it is because you want to feel good about your exam scores, it’s like grooming for your grades. Wednesday is volunteering day (the astute among you may remember it used to be Thursday but my slave master forced me to change the day so I could fit in more rowing sessions) and I was pretty eager to miss it, I’ve got my English exam tomorrow and while not woefully unprepared or unprepared I wanted to work (more on this in my next bit) more on it.

In the end I decide to go partly because I didn’t want to disappoint Karen and partly because there’s a massive supermarket beside the home and I was hungry as hell.

There’s something magical about helping others, and yes I’m gonna go full hippy here, but just serving others and giving them what they need. Scooping the salad onto a lipped plate so that idiot doesn’t accidently throw it all onto the tablecloth and getting Margeret her green top milk because she’s healthy or other things that I can’t quite remember.

Reading some little book today it asked where do you feel happy, where you feel like you’re doing what you should be doing? If I answered honestly I’m happiest helping people (I’m gagging with all this flower power crap) but like I really like being helpful to people and perhaps that’s what I should be doing with the rest of my life (helping people that is, not serving old people disgusting slop)

Anyway the other idea is I really shouldn’t aim to be spending all my time being busy. I’ve gotten drawn into this myth that activity = productivity and trying to overload myself, I reckon I’m going overkill and whilst I feel like I should stay up until 11 tonight revising I know what’s best for me is going to bed early and sleeping. I think it’s some ego thing needing to do more revision than others because I don’t think I’m good enough or I like the gloating or some crap but sometimes I just gotta realise that perhaps working more isn’t always the answer.


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