Blueshock Krul Montage

I opened up the WordPress app on my phone today and totally forgot what it was. I go into my previous blog posts and I hadn’t posted in the last 3 days, strange. I’m pretty sure I’ve written in the last three days, maybe I haven’t, maybe I have frankly either is just as likely. Perhaps in my rush to revise I had totally forgotten to write makes sense huh. Two minutes later my bloody phone decided to load and I had written everyday in the last three days, so I had been proved wrong. What’s worrying is I couldn’t remember, my mind was so broken I couldn’t recall a good 10 minutes of my day for the last three days.

My memory is awful, I sat in my English exam today and tried to remember words for about half of the thing. By the way I had an English exam today and I did pretty well I’d say, not incredible but pretty damn good.

Anyway it turns out I’m only one day into this week of exams and I’m already bored and tired so I’m not looking forward to the rest of it, but I am, I’m ready for all this work and letting it all out in an hour or two of just pouring out knowledge onto pieces of paper.

It’s like spartans in suits going to war (except it really isn’t but oh well).


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