Dominate Any Venue

So I’ve done one solid hour of school work today, I’m not mad, frankly I’m pretty happy I had a rest day today because well it’s recharged the batteries and I’m rarin’ to go.

The languid day starts out at 4:30 when my brain somehow decides to wake me up because who needs fucking sleep. I had some nightmare about something that I had totally forgotten but have now remembered and is pissing me off but since positivity then goodbye. Instead of being a clever little boy I decide to get my phone and browse the interwebs instead of scavenging what little sleep I could get. Two hours in, I somehow manage to waste 2 hours online at 4 in the morning, how? No one even bloody posts at 4, sometimes I marvel at my own abilities.

6:30 I decide to fix my bag up for the day because I was totally meant to do it the day but I found myself in a comfy bed so gave up, then I leave for rowing at 8. I’m not gonna say that today was one of the best sessions we’ve had but damn weights was good, there was hardly anyone there because most people had a geography exam in the afternoon so we had a whole room to 3 of us, we set up stations and just moved around, after watching the evolution of the lifting man (a joke but a funny one, go watch it on youtube) and we bonded over sweat and tears (almost wrote boned which would have changed the meaning a little drastically).

I then waste the rest of the day eating natty mexican food and talking to someone I should’ve known for a long time but only just met (s/o to sizey) and finally ended up home, 5 hours after I told my mother I had gotten back home (oh well) but it was pretty fun pretending to be at home cooking whilst sitting in a mexican restaurant (I told mother I was watching a mexican tv program in the background whilst making pasta.

I’ll end this just by saying that my phone has trash battery. word. mic dropped.


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