Mega Morphin Tomato Rice

For what seems like the 57th time in my life I had a cracking idea for a blog post but I’ve forgotten. I really should get like a diary or something or a field notes journal and just stick that in my back pocket and scribble stuff down when I need to remember it. Having a little field notes journal and doing that stuff seems like one of those really cool ideas that’ll never work out, I’ll probably lose it in a week and have it bent in a few days and because my writing is atrocious I’ll never be able to read my notes afterwards anyway.

I think today’s blog post will be about things that seem lovely in practise but would be shit in reality before I forget s/o to CDD because some reason.

I’ve always been one of those kids who spends half his life day dreaming, I do weird simulations of life but for some reason when I do that my mind always goes into the state you’re in at 5:30 in the morning so logic is out the window so I have to kinda muddle around and imagine things.

There’s one memory I remember that I planned this invention that would revolutionise the world. Encase the whole world in solar panels. There would be huge pillars that would just support this shell that surrounded the world, the whole concept was..I think it was to stop global warming, yeah it was because I was shit scared of global warming at 8 years old. Basically the solar panels would catch light energy and then would have lights on the inside that would provide both heat and light to the world when needed plus you could get shit tons of free electricity. Maybe it was also an asteroid deflector because I was also shit scared of getting wiped out by an asteroid because even if we knew one was coming we wouldn’t be able to do jack shit about it, until now with the revolutionary earth solar shield thing.


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