No Ragrets

Today will about wasting your life. At 9pm tonight I realised something, well it’s something I’ve known for a while but here was a good way to introduce it. You’ll never realise how much time you waste and just how important it is until you’ve run out, human foresight is pretty shit.

Throughout the day I’ll waste 5 or 10 minutes here and there, wandering around with no sense of urgency, now at 9pm I realise I shouldn’t have wasted that time and if I want to be in bed by a good time I need to utilise every minute. This is pretty big and a good thing to realise and change for the future. Problem is I think the same thing every night.

At 10am time seems infinite, there’s enough time for everything, I act as if life is limitless and I can do things whenever I want. Like Tai Lopez says “In your fears you act mortal but in your dreams you act immortal” dreams are just not being stressed, I think I have all the time but when it comes down to the nity gritty I realise I have a finite amount of time that I wasted a shit load of.

I reckon when I’m on my death bed I’ll regret everything I’ve ever done, I’ll lament wasted hours opportunities and time spent on inconsequential things I believed were important at the time. Unless of course I change and realise that I can rest when I’m dead and utilise every second as if it’s my last, well that day isn’t today and I’m off to watch some tv.


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