State aw Mind

What we think is just one person, one entity is perhaps just an amalgamation of souls that have coalesced into this one being. It’s probably some bullshit I made up when I was 8 and thought I was the next buddha but my earliest memory was this weird ethereal dreamscape and I imagine everything being darkness but being acutely aware that there were things around me, I could feel energy around me flowing and ebbing, then I wake up. I’m born.

Look where I am now, blogging whilst drinking tea out the pot because I can’t be bothered finding a cup, oh look how the mighty have fallen.

Today’s post is all about having multiple entities contained in you, all who decide to come out to play every now and then.

I’ll clarify because I don’t really understand but what I’m tryna say is that sometimes I just feel like different personalities take over my body and dictate my actions and feelings. For most of the last school term I was basically a wise-cracking hunchback that would laugh at just about everything. The day before an exam I would become a nervous wreck, before I would become arrogant and frankly pretty annoying then afterwards I would become pensive. I’ve talked before about being scared that I was putting up fronts but it more seems like that these are just different aspects of myself that I’m exploring, just being myself in different ways. Talking to potato flower I lamented this, (and yes potato flower is a new code name, the old ones weren’t exactly creative) I talked about my dichotomy of feelings about never texting people. On one side I bloody hate texting, most of the time it just seems boring and ineffective and I usually pray that I get patched because I can’t bear keeping it up, other times I’ll freak out that no one texts me and I’ll double text to oblivion to get replies. Between the two events I haven’t really changed as a person and I switch between them pretty often, the hypothesis is that it’s just different aspects of me showing; the one that craves social attention and the other that is self-contented and sufficient.

So in conclusion I have multiple personality disorder, oh well.



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