25 days

You know that feeling when you feel like you’ve been doing something forever? When you can’t imagine a time before what it is now? When you have no recollection of what  came before and are convinced you will live forever as you do now?

Study leave lasts a month, I have 9 exams within this month. I am only 7 days in. I have only done 2 exams. Yet it feels as if I have been trapped in this semi detached property for half my life. My days seem drawn out and long as if some evil spirits have conspired to make me feel exactly every minute that passes. I feel every moment like nothing I have ever experienced, usually life rushes past but here, at home, in front of these books and paper it feels as if I am frozen in time. I’ve written a bloody lot, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a swole hand after this. My jotter supply which I commandeered from school is already halfway full and I may have to go back to school one day in order to thieve more because my scribble paper is running out.

Anyway this will be my post for the day, a proclamation and a cry for help as I sit in this prison of my own making.


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