Tooty Frooty

Always do less than you can

One of my major gripes and probably reason for a lot of self loathing is being unproductive. I’ve got it into my head that my value in society will come from my ability to be fruitful and prolific so when I’m not I begin to get annoyed at myself.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own body, working through an economics paper I could see myself reaching for my phone, swipe it open and then open up an app. I watched in horror as it loaded and I got pulled back into its digital embrace seemingly against my will.

The reason for all this as I’ve hypothesized is my criteria for happiness (happiness? Maybe more like satisfaction) is too high, I’m too afraid of failing myself that I don’t even bother starting.

I just gotta set my standards lower, start working then over shoot my low ass targets, that way you get more satisfaction and are more likely to start. I couldn’t have kept up the 200 press ups a day because it too far to long, if I had set the minimum to


I would’ve always done them and done perhaps 200 and done more in the end because I’d never skip it.

I expect too much and because of that I don’t do what I need to do, I just gotta expect less and do more.


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