Meaningful Identifiers

You’d think being about 300 blog posts in (jeez that seems like a lot) would mean I would understand it a little more. Nope, I still haven’t really managed to account for this evil beast that is blogging, this behemoth of time wasting and source of sucking out all my will power. It’s 9:20pm and I’m gonna finish this then grab a cheeky round of Battle Royale before getting graced with the sound of the Westminister hour on the radio and then a French exam.

Something that means a lot to me that no one else really knows or cares about it radio 4s programming at 11:00pm on a saturday night, whilst my peers out getting turnt I will be regaling in the knowledge fest that is brain of Britain. In the winter months I will have a thicker duvet as well as Round Britain quiz gracing my ears. After missing the last few Brain of Britains I was confused when at 11 last night I was graced by a different voice and format. The Third Degree, somewhere in my mind myopia I had forgotten a whole block of programming my the Beeb.


Interesting story of the day finished, off to now slay some noobs on an MMORPGABFFPA (technically it’s only an MMO)


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