Hermit Up

“What are you doing with your life?” asks my imaginary psychological counselor, I don’t really have an imaginary counselor that talks to me whenever I’m not paying attention to the real world but right now I’m talking to the guy.

“I’m not sure.” is what I would answer because I’m afraid of telling other my true feelings, even automatons of mine own creation.

What has happened recently is I’ve become less attached to the world, I’ve broken off lines and floated off into my own world. A few weeks ago I was playing every string on the social web (what a metaphor) now in my solitude I’ve decided to only care about the ones closest. Coming into school again today I realised I only really cared about my day ones and only wanted to do things for them (like buying Starbucks with daddy’s money).

The power of isolation to discover who you truly are, the title of an old RSD video I really liked. Perhaps thats what this is now.

Plus new commitment. 100 pullups and 20 pistol squats a day because I’ve been planning it for a while but keep forgetting to download a counter so I’ll do it now.


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