There’s a dog sitting in the seat in front of me on the bus, it’s white and fluffy and whilst not usually the type of dog is like it’s stupidly cute as it scrambles against the owners leash and tries to find a comfortable position on the garish seats that you find on buses.

Now the owners straight up neglecting it, or not giving it all the attention you’re meant to give a dog of that comphyness.

That brief interlude is an abstract way of introducing today’s post, the act of becoming complacent – how one woman forgot to love her dog, how couples fall apart and how I fear no paper.

Me in my 5 minutes of being acquainted to this fine beast have fallen irrevocably and totally in love with it. I would give it every second of my attention and cherish it. This woman as I have found out has had it for 2 years, whilst she loves it she has lost the fascination I now possess and seems complacent towards it.

Perhaps the same is true for relationships, my parents have long lost any sense of wonderment towards each other but one thinks that when they first met they were feeling as infatuated as I do now with this dog but over time as they got used to each other and lost all the mystery they lost this feeling.

Now onto the boring bit. Exams are meant to cause stress, to reduce pupils to tears and anguish. My plan to lost this pain from exams is to go about it as one approaches a loveless marriage by getting way too familiar and doing things you don’t want to do over and over again until you lose all feeling.

Sitting over past papers and continually banging them out will make you feel like exams are easy, you’ll become complacent and not freak out whenever you’re in front of a paper.

I think this is what I did with performing on the piano, the very first time I played at the city chambers I freaked, I got 11 hours sleep and spent hours practising. The last time I played (about 4 performances after I’d started) I went sleep deprived after a party before and didn’t touch a single key before I sat down to play. In truth I was probably worse than my first time but it was way more sustainable than going full sweat and a way better story (which is the point of life when all is said and done)


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