Infinitesimal Suffering

Today started as all days in my life have (well not really, just the last week or so but it feels like my entire life) my ears feel as if they’ve imploded, a pain felt inside my head like I’ve just had my ears popped in a plane but it lasts for a good few days. Throat dryer than a wombat’s ass crack and for some reason my arms feel as if I’d been on one of those stretch racks that they used to use for torture, the iPod nano and earphones have managed to lodge themselves under my body and feel like needles.

Every night has also resulted in some of the worst dreams I’ve ever had, one that I had a horrible argument with my father and he was a broken man from then on, one that I was starring in a school play and I was getting shouted at repeatedly by my rowing coach for not remembering the lines and assorted other crap.

I was meant to spend every night getting about 10 hours sleep, going to bed 9:30 ish and then waking up 9ish to work. Problem is I seem to have insomnia and actually fall asleep 11:30 ish, get plagued by nightmares then feel as if I’ve been dragged to hell in a pressurised tank by the time I wake up.

I’ll finish here because I’m royally screwed with revision and also need to eat some food and also need to be in bed by like 9:00 tonight but on the contrary want to stay up and revise and then listen to the third degree at 11:00 oh dear, we’ll see what happens. I pray to god my ears get better soon, one’s a lot better but I’m pretty sure I ruptured the other sneezing too hard.


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