State of Undress

I’m not sure where today’s title came from, it just seemed to come into my mind when I pondered a title for this blog post – at first I was worried it was some porny reference to 50 shades or something related that would reveal me as a closet pervert but turns out it’ a new viceland series that I must’ve seen a trailer for, worryingly it’s about the fashion industry so in my haste to shed one unpleasant image I have become a sissy.

I complain a lot about my genetic disadvantages and why my life is way harder than everyone elses, well today I realised I make it way harder for me. Last night after going to bed at a reasonable 10pm I was up until 12 listening to the radio, I’m not really sure why partly because my ears hurt whenever I tried to sleep and apparently I was way too excited by the poetry readings happening. After frankly an awful night’s sleep I wake up at 5ish, sneak downstairs to grab my phone (my excuse to myself is so that I can catch up on all the group chats before they start again in the morning) I think yeah, I’ll check insta and snap put the radio back on, listen to some of the world services and then fall asleep 6ish. Hhaha, no. I stay on my phone until 8am then decide to wake up. Surprisingly 13 hours later I’m not that sleep deprived but seriously I gotta start making better life choices.

Though it should be said time passes extraordinarily fast in the small hours of the morning, I somehow managed to stretch out what usually is a task for a couple of minutes into a multiple hour ordeal which by the end of I’m pretty sure one eye was twitching and the other had just decided to give up on me.

I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve gotten done with today, until I realise that whilst I am ahead of schedule my schedule is far behind what it should be so I’m still fucked, oh well, who said life wasn’t for fucking up. Plus it’s physics on Tuesday and all that is is a huge ego boost as I cackle at the absurdly easy paper.



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