Drop The Game


I don’t usually include pictures in these but this was damn cool.

I came back to the place I came a few days ago before my physics exam I think. After spending the first few hours of my day playing on my phone and fannying around I thought I’d actually go out and get some fresh air. I grabbed some scones (how middle class) and came back to my little stream. Frankly coming down here was pretty picturesque. I stumbled down the muddy hill destroying my ankles on the nettles (I wore shorts for some reason) the river came into view, I heard the stream and the birds (over the sounds of black men rapping about bad hoes) and frankly I’d reached bliss. Walking around doing that stupid hands out trapeze walk over this little plank that straddles the river.

I’m writing this now in the place because I couldn’t really appreciate it without thinking “oh I’m going to blog this bit and remember this thought” so I’m writing this now before getting back to my little forest retreat and becoming one with the trees.


Update. I fucking hate nature. My feet are soaked because one rock that I used to cross the river turned out to be half mud and disintegrated when I stood on it and my knee cap has been lacerated by spines plus my legs are itchy af. I really wouldn’t have survived prehistoric times.



After seeing a patch of blue bells which I totally needed to snap I jumped across a narrow bit of the stream and promptly fell onto them, I had to take weird shots because half of them had been crushed by my derrier.



Nature got a little less beautiful when I realised how much human shit there was. I found a fire pit type thing that smelt of the dankest weed (though it was actually pretty cool if you ignored all the monster munch wrappers) and a couch that I had seen elsewhere during the week had been thrown down here quite comically but it’s a little annoying because it’ll rot and get disgusting.


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