8 Minutes

23:52, a lone young chinese boy sits in front of his japanese laptop listening to a white man pretend to be black drinking organic water (it’s better than normal water because there’s no pesticides).

I have a few things to say in these precious minutes before the day turns and my streak will freeze fixed on a few hundred days.

One is there’s something lovely about having daily habits. My french thing in duolingo is on a 200-something day streak which is damn satisfying but will be sad as hell when I have to leave it and one day lose the streak. I’m away back to the communist homeland in the summer so I reckon I’ll have to pre-write a couple dozen posts as I’m pretty sure the country doesn’t allow free speech – hence no blogging.

I don’t have much to say just that for anyone who exists on this Earth read Generation Z by Sarah Smotti or some other dumb alliterative name. It’s a collection of interviews with young people between 15 and 20 about a variety of issues covering love and romance, hate and violence, racism and sexism and every issue prevelent in our society right now. It’s a beautiful thing and inspires feelings from every part of you, I laughed out at some parts (“Each boy believing in bros before hos, unless of course sex is on the table”) and had to hold back a tear at the story of a trans girl’s experience in a conservative muslim family, I’ve devoured it so far waking up at 7 to read it for 2 hours before I started my day. It seems important to see how everyone else lives in this world.


Better post quick, 20 seconds left (well a couple a seconds it was 59 minutes)



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