The Niggling Itch

You ever have this weird feeling? A tiny little hint of suspicion inside of you, this question that doesn’t seem to really go away or fade away and lingers inside you.

Well I don’t have one of those right now, it just seems like a nice little thing to write right now.

What I’m writing about now is… This blogging thing, I’ve reflected on this a few times before but owing to the fact I’m a few weeks older I’ll write it again today. Talking about it today I thought about the merits of this blog. Why do I do it? First we talked about employability and universities, would they be happy that I wrote everyday on a blog? Perhaps they would have preferred I wrote less with higher quality or would the negative associations to bloggers trump everything I’d done on this or perhaps the would value the tenacity that made me keep this up.

Perhaps it’s to have better emotional health and figure stuff out by putting it onto pen and paper (well 1s and 0s) but I don’t really say things that need articulating sometimes because this shit public and there are images to be maintained plus there’s a little freakiness in putting all your feeling out there and expressing them even to yourself.

Perhaps I’ll be a better writer but taking a lesson learnt from Cameron Hanes is that repetition will only aggravate any existing problems or increase any benefits. One problem with my writing is my incessant use of commas and this comma splice crap that I don’t really understand and I’m pretty sure that’s only gotten worse. I use a pretty eclectic vocabulary and I’d doubt I’d learnt anything more from just writing whatever words I do know.

Brief interlude there and I’ve totally lost my choo choo train of thought but I’d just like to say that there’s some things in life that just need a little more salt in order to eat them, it’s unhealthy as fuck but sodium chloride just makes your food taste all that bit better.

Bumping Witt Lowry and Blackbear right now (thought you’d appreciate it)


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