I’m free. Exams have finally finished and even though in my mind they actually finished last week because I refuse to accept Mandarin as an exam going so far as to go to rowing just before and doing some errands that needed done during the break between the reading and listening.

Today’s post is about absolution. I’m honestly not sure what the word means but God decided to plant it into my head as I decided on a blog title. I’m not really a religious person but the concept seems pretty neat, a nice little system of values that justify your life and point you towards what you should be doing with your life. A community to fall back on and a sense of belonging. In the book I’m reading, a woman searching for happiness decides to experience life in a Mormon community and frankly the way she describes it I’m slightly tempted to give up my Sundays, the majority of my spare time, coffee and tea, debauchery and alcohol and also my standing with anyone who isn’t Mormon in order to join this nice little group of people.

Hearing about these neighbourly folks who just drop off a cherry pie every now and then without rhyme or reason or will just agree to look after your kids is a drastic departure from what my interactions with my neighbours looks like. I’m genuinely not sure what one of my neighbours family looks like, they have one or two daughters and I think there’s one a few years older than me. The most interaction we’ve ever had is me throwing a ball back over the wall after one of them booted it over.

I’ll finish here because for some reason I seem to have this weird shortness of breath that really needs to be addressed.

Turns out lying on a log that straddles across a river, precariously balancing is rather good for the weird respiratory problems.


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