Rebel Hearts

So my body decided to expunge every molecule of ethanol consumed, every bad calorie, every wrong choice and a tiny little atom of THC. I woke up sopping wet, honestly my mind first thought that I had pissed myself but honestly my pillow was probably the wettest part of the bed. My shirt pretty much clung to me in this scary humid death grip. I’d been asleep for about an hour, it was 4am.

I took off my shirt, flipped the pillows and tried to recover some semblance of sleep. It didn’t really come so I decided to ruin my eyes and sleep schedule (more) by watching this vlogger I just found because his girlfriend was bomb in this like homely way, not like that mystic kid or travie who only got thots.

Today I took a pilgrimage, back to my homeland. For the first time since I left 6 years ago I returned back to Sciennes Primary School, now I wasn’t totally expecting a total prodigal son returns welcome but I was at least expecting a welcome. I wandered the hallowed halls, recognized and was recognized by a few teachers (I should say it’s a summer fair and I was asked to perform and I didn’t just randomly turn up to the school) it’s weird seeing how things have changed, the playground was was almost totally renovated and is scarcely recognizable, but the classrooms have stayed the same and I found some chess trophies I had won half a decade ago.

I would love to say I was overwhelmed with emotion but honestly it was just pretty fun to remember all these memories like Stevens tree (in memory of some kid with a rare blood disease who passed a decade or so ago) the staff members and just the way around this twisting labyrinth.

I am pretty sad that the after school club wasn’t open nor did it have any representatives today. I was pretty much raised there and while almost everyone else has gone the old American woman who brought in her old bra to make a slingshot with still remains. A tradition they had was that when a kid left they would write their height on a little wall inside a cupboard with the idea being you’d come back every few years and see how you’ve grown. Well I came back for the first time in 6 years and the cupboard was locked so I missed my chance to see the difference between 10 and 16 year old Kevin.


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