Long, Brown and Sticky

So last night ended in a complete debacle, me having to nurse a friend through a dozen or so units, shit wasn’t pretty.

I’m on it 4 hours sleep but something really fucked me up today. I was sitting in bed watching YouTube while my charge was passed out, looking at some scab I had on my knee. I’d taken a walk in the forest a few weeks ago and sustained a cut that I still had as a scab. It looked a little pussy so I decided to burst it (or whatever you do to drain a cut) I squeezed it and a long rod of brown stuff came out. At first I had imagined it to be some rancid pus or something but I pulled it out and it turned out to be a spine from a plant. I had an inch long piece of organic material lodged inside me for almost a week. Lesson is kids, always wear protection when going out.

Yeah that was a little morbid but after what I saw last night, pretty tame. I’ll probably write a little more later but peace out for now.


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