Beat the Drum

I’m finally pretty much ruined. My watch says last night I got 3:40 of sleep last night and I can pretty much feel it. Staying over at a friend’s house last night I haven’t had a shower today and had a few hundred calories worth of weetabix and frosted shreddies (all without milk of course because it’s barbaric) for breakfast.

Now I thought he didn’t live that far from me, half hour bus ride maybe. No. No no no. 1 hour and 30 minutes it’s taking me (I’m halfway through now).

In protest to my clever decision to not sleep much in the past week and for generally bad choices recently (but who cares, we kids and I don’t have exams for a good few weeks) I’m going to spite you guys and not write today (that is aside from what I’ve already written).

I want to say that I’ve become pretty damn unhealthy recently, letting myself go and I don’t really kind because I’ve let myself do it but one problem is that I get injured really easily and it lasts for ages. Yesterday after my friend jokingly shoves me whilst sitting down and I fall and bang my forearm 24 hours later its still throbbing. A crazed man in a crutch beat me up with it (well I did steal it for a few minutes, I do actually know him and he only hit me once) but my leg still feels weak and I can feel the bruise. This horrible diet of mine has inflamed me to the point that I can really heal very well – least it shows me just how important a good diet is.


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