Free Sporks

Lunch today was a little disastrous,in my attempt to seem all cool and spontaneous decided to go to this Indian place I’d been scoping out for a while, the reviews said it was stupidly good and I reckoned we’d probably make it there and back in 40 minutes.

We make it there quick enough, 10 minutes or so walking, we order and wait. Apparently restaurants take longer than a takeaway to make food so by the time it comes we have 5 minutes till school starts again. We run back and I attempt to eat during french, turns out I’m not allowed and the same thing happens in biology so I waited a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes for a curry but damn was it good.

Now after that incredibly boring story I’d ought to write something proper so apparently after this weekend everyone in my year is ruined and I would write all about that and the events that transpired but my memory’s crap and well I’d probably get roasted for trying to look cool on the Internet while doing it.

But, I will give you this little story. Monday night me and some people went to the local park, brought a little tipple and wanted to just chill for a while (I’ll just add that I brought a 1 litre bottle of San pelligrino so don’t worry kids I’m still innocent) anyway I decide to walk a friend out the park because I’m gentlemanly as fuck but I dunno I think I was pretty tired and just needed the walk. We walk up to a set of rugby posts (for you yanks it’s basically a big H sink into the ground) anyway I decide to try and impress this broad so I try and climb it, turns out its actually pretty grippy and I climb up the side post and swing onto the middle bit. Now comes the bit, I tell her to Snapchat it. Sure I’m having fun and all and this is a great little discovery that its relatively easy to do it but did it really happen if it’s not on social media? I wanted all the other kids to see how cool I was, too see how awesome my life was compared to theirs, to prove (to who knows who) that I did in fact have friends.

In “the pursuit of happiness” the woman discusses social media, how everyone attempts to put up a little front of how great their lives are, it’s done to compare against other in the world, to show that they are doing better off. We compare against what others put out on social media, expecting their lives to be the same as the manicured image online when in reality it differs entirely, so don’t worry kids no one’s perfect but I’m pretty damn close.


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