Hoochy Goochy

I messed up. I totally messed up. I did today what I should’ve never done, something irreversible that I may never be able to take back and that will ruin me forever.

I’m kidding, I just wanted to see whether or not give a first few lines of some death sentence crap would give me more views thinking people would be attracted to whatever fatality I had.

On the subject of me suffering horrendously, any of you kids got any ideas for a talk about something that I’m meant to do next week for my class. I’m pretty stumped because I can’t really think of anything that interests me and also won’t make everyone hate me for being a dick so dearest readers I set you the challenge of giving me a topic to speak on, I’ll take anything from the lewd, the intelligible, controversial or just plain boring, I wanna have some fun with this talk so indulge me.

My current idea (by that I mean the one I came up with when my teacher asked what I was going to write about) was about arguing that we need horrific experiences in order to live a full life. That without this trauma we risk being coddled and becoming weak and that when the harm finally gets to us (because it will eventually) we fall because we aren’t used to it. Maybe I’ll go full anecdote, talk about my stress from China camp and that piano performance which purged me with fire. Perhaps I’ll talk about needing to be purged in fire so that all the excess burns away leaving only the gold.

I think it could be good, draw an allegory to this sanitised life where we aren’t exposed to germs so when we do finally get a cold it completely flattens us proving that we need to be harmed in order to make us stronger against the real issues.

It seems kinda soppy but that’s possibly what I’ll do if I can somehow make it relatable to a bunch of teens and don’t bore myself whilst writing it.


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