So apparently bloggings a bit of a bore, damn mum said if I stayed in school, became a rich doctor and wrote a blog is get girls but for some reason it’s just not working.

I’m not quite sure what my whole idea to blog about was but I’ve just remembered it so I’ll write about it.

It’s complaining about all y’all snakes or my perpetual fear of them. After confessing all my fears and emotions and feelings to a friend’s mother as we sat around her son who vomited everywhere at 2 in the morning I felt pretty elated. I’d never really had an incredible relationship with her after I’d lied to her 4 years ago- apparently people can hold grudges for a long time.

Then today in my kitchen getting shouted at by my own mother I had a sudden thought – what if after I’d poured out my soul to this woman she’d just turned around and told her partner how pathetic I was. Her support was actually sneering condescension and she’d hated me.

Anyway I’m gonna be a lad and watch the footy now because I’m cool like that.

Btw congrats sof if you made it this far through my borefest.


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