Repetition Makes Repeats

So apparently the government in all its austerity cuts have decided to cut all funding in every bloody area of spending apart from building bloody school. In probably one of the most deprived of areas in Edinburgh exists this monolith of a school, honestly their design and manufacture department is bigger than an entire building in my school, shits tough being privately educated.

Anyway I’ve found myself back in a place I never wanted to be, well not exactly I don’t really mind being in this cesspool, what I do mind is auditioning for china camp again. To be fair it’s not regally auditioning, we’ve already been told we’re getting through because my friends mum is the judge and its not how you play its who you know.

So apparently I’ve never actually written about the harrowing experience of china camp before on this blog but I’ve got about 5 hours to burn between events today and no WiFi or 3g as well as 4 days next week that need blogs written for so I’ll attempt to document it today- plus I’m with 4 of the kids I went with so they can fill in any gaping holes in my memory.

It’s pretty funny actually you basically get a free trip to china funded by the Communist government in order for them to get some propaganda and yeah that is what it is because they didn’t run it last year because the people who organize it organize some big ass military parade and didn’t have time to organise it because they went over budget trying to show off their military might.


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