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So for some reason my homes WiFi has just decided to crawl into some shallow grave and die a slow slow death because right now doing just about anything worthwhile on the Internet is impossible. Casual comes out with season 2 and I’m watching it either with the largest grains I’ve ever seen in my life or just unplayable for some reason.
Clash royale which I bloody hate to play also stutters to a stop every now and then so that’s unplayable, vainglory my one true love has also decided to forsake me.

Now something to actually talk about, it’s about sin. Don’t do that shit kids. Even if you think it won’t affect you it’ll start gnawing at your insides until you become a paranoid wreck who can’t really function, not gonna reveal my sin (spoilers I accidently covetted my neighbours wife) but I get those panic attacks. Actually honestly maybe I’m just catastrophising a bit because frankly life as a middle class probably-straight teen is too easy and I need some issues because that’s what all us humans need.


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