The Miracle of Time Travel

I’ll have written this on the Saturday and this’ll be uploaded on Monday as I go though probably the worst ordeal of my life trudging through the countryside and being forced to be in fresh air.

Last time was horrendous, I’d brought bad socks and my feet had become a mess by the first day, the whole thing had been cancelled on the second day because the whole place had been flooded which was a relief because our tent had sprung a leak and we were 90% sure it was going to be our last day on earth.

This time I’m prepared as hell, I’ve got my little merino wool socks that dry off faster than a car drives down a fast lane and I’ve swapped my old behemoth of a bag for a normal sized one so I can actually carry it up a hill without breaking myself.

There’s a couple things I’m worried about for this trip. One that I die and never live to do whatever I do need to do in this life, the other is I develop PTSD and rove the countryside as a madman.

I would’ve been worried about breaking all my streaks but for some reason is somehow lost my 200-something day streak in duolingo on a week day because I’d totally forgot to do it for some reason during possibly the chillest week of my life. I should probably stop since there’s not really much of a point of doing French anymore because I don’t take the class but it should be decent to at least know some decent French and keep it in my mind.

I’ll stop here because I’m rambling but still gotta write a few more of those bastards.


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