Extra Extra Extra Try

So I come back today from my ordeal so hopefully future me can actually be bothered writing a post so until then this is all you’re getting.


Okay I’m back! But I suppose to you dear readers, I have never actually been gone and have remained with you for the duration of my ordeal.

The Duke of Edinburgh award is one of those things every kid does when they reach 16, it’s like a rite of passage for middle-class kids to come out clad in expensive kit and pretend to live in a third world country for a few days.

When I’d first signed up a few months ago I was convinced the expedition would be a joke. I’d had weeny little friends and outright pussies who’ve done it and me being moderately sporty and pretty strong willed (by my own estimation) would probably walk right through it.

The practise should’ve been a good enough warning that I really shouldn’t be doing it – well more accurately, that no one should be doing it. Day two of three it starts raining, not a chucking it down raining but a gentle drizzle, one that began at 8 in the morning and didn’t stop until the next day. By the end everyone is saturated, the area where we were camping was flooded and we were all sent home a day early.


This time wasn’t terrible in terms of weather but in terms of pain it was pretty  damn bad. I’ve been home 4 hours and I still can’t feel my pinky toes. My knees have kinda locked up and walking is a pain.

There are a few things I’ve learnt in this ordeal – one’s that we’re all imperfect in a perfect way(sorry I’m just using Witt lyrics right now) but it’s true, no matter how much you like someone they all have their failings and you sometimes just got to accept that for what it is. Ain’t nobody got no problems, it’s not just the people you don’t like who have problems but also the people you like so yeah everyone’s an annoying fuck at times.



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