Karmic Influence

So yesterday I took the day off school pretending to be sick but in reality I was just tired after DofE, I totally ruined my body eating a family pack of nachos and salsa backed with tortillas and fried chicken strips frankly thinking about it now makes me want to die.

I was planning to go back today, I’d packed a bag, got all my stuff ready and planned the day. I woke up at some godforsaken time and immediately felt nauseous, ran to the bathroom and threw up every single calorie I’d eaten yesterday into the toilet, I retched for a good few minutes, sweating my ass off in some weird mini fever, ever the stoic I returned to bed, determined to return to school in a few hours.

5am I wake up again and proceed to dry heave for another few minutes, losing all semblance of class, spewing q drooling. I wake my parents up because I’m a dick and force them to give me all the pills that might save me.

I don’t usually get very sick but when I do it’s bloody awful. The last time I was sick in February I’d had the same thing but started at 5 and continued on for the best part of a weekend – I do seriously hope this subsides after a few hours.

So karma finally got me for lying to my school and punished me for trying to pull one over my school.


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