Mango Lassi Sap

Back again once more for the Asian event of the year: the annual Chinese barbecue.

I’ve 12% left for the next few hours and a legion of ladies who all need text backs on 3g but nah fuck that.

Rayzay ditched me for the first few hours so I was forced to talked to kids for the first few hours, it was okay because I found a nugget who’s now called PeePee because Penelope is way too long.

Anyway this was meant to be a really interesting blog post I’d been preparing for hours for but I’ve forgotten it all so this is all you’re getting.

I’ll finish here and maybe update later when I’ve got more battery, motivation and feel less sick.

Actually here’s an edit with 6% left, for some reason I always feel like I’m going to cry. Reading some crap shoot written by Richard Branson (kidding I love you man) I almost broke down when I was reading about some kid escaping poverty to become a millionaire and just now, collapsed against a tree thinking about how dry my throat is I get asked by a friend whether or not I’m crying. God damn perhaps I just do need a good cry to rebalance myself.

Here likes Kevin Li, whom faced with death decided to go to a barbecue eat way too much, try and detox by eating half a watermelon and now lies under a wooden pagoda regretting every decision and hoping he doesn’t get any textbacks because he’s too lazy to reply.


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