Zebrafish Zoning

For the second last week of term our school makes us go on work experience, to see the wonders of the world of work and see what it’s like before we go on to do it.

In true middle class fashion I’m shipped off to the nearest hospital, well I’m doing more of a research thing headed up by some friend’s parents. It’s pretty nifty stuff trying to understand biomarkers and things that promote stem cell activity in zebrafish so we can eventually learn how to fix neurological diseases in humans actually it sounds like a bore but a good talk with old Tommy B and you’ll love it.

The first few hours had me considering whether or not I had made a mistake, maybe I should’ve done a finance thing and learnt to make that paper or just done something more active. Sitting through meetings and a guest lecturer talking about hereditary neurological pathology seemed a little tiresome.

Then came my saviour. Jacky or something. The woman who changed my life. I think I muttered “I love you” a dozen times today as she fucked up just about everything she was meant to do.

Ours was a simple love story, we were introduced in a very dark microscope room, she looking at zebra fish stem cells under a fluorescent con-something microscope and me sheepishly getting a handshake, I took no notice but then hours later I returned to her.

Anxious to get some work down old Tim sends me to the dungeon to learn how to dissect fish with her and frankly she blew my mind. Every time she fucked up and swore a little my heart melted, whilst everyone else was already into a career in medical research she was 2nd year of university and unsure of what to do.

Seeing me looking listlessly she gave me her log in to the university WiFi, the kindness of strangers. Giving her private account to some kid who she’s known for a few hours is basically what makes her perfect in my mind, plus I’m just really buzzed because the university has WiFi hotspots all around town so free WiFi like everywhere now!

So yeah after 4 hours I’d fallen in love and yeah I think I might cry when this week ends.


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