Sonic The Hedgehog

Yesterday I posited a question to some lady as she sat in front of a microscope looking at infuriatingly thin pieces of zebra fish spinal cord, “who gets to name this stuff you find?”

It’s a fair question, there’s still thousands of genes to be found and classified, techniques created and new species created so who gets to name them? Turns out the lab has a bunch of new genes to name so they’ve decided to name them all either for harry Potter characters (we live in Edinburgh it’s birthplace) or by superheroes (turns out the lead researcher, my friends dad still loves comics as much as he did almost a decade ago)

I got a day trip to the Anne Rowling Center for Neuroregenerative Research or something similar to that and in the morning sat in a clinic for MS patient appointments, I’m not sure what I expected them to be like honestly, perhaps less intelligent alternatives to Steven Hawking or at least incapacitated to some degree.

They weren’t. Turns out MS is more prevalent than I thought it was, thousands have it in Scotland alone and you’ve probably met or walked past a few. Multiple sclerosis as it turns out presents as lesions in the CNS that disrupt nerve impulses to other parts of the body and render them less useful than usual but as a whole the most of the people were only given away by a slight limp or scuffing of the foot against the ground.

Nevertheless it’s still a bloody horrible thing to have but it was lovely to see the hope in them, inquiring about new potential stem cell treatments and developments, man it warms but saddens 1the heart to see them.

I’ll probably write more later but gotta get back and do something way over my expertise and understanding but I’ll understand about 2% and feel real proud about that.

Shoutout to Patricia who at the age of 64 and suffering of MS still managed to destroy me at a battery of verbal, arithmetical, balance and eyesight tests, you the true OG. (though I’m proud I’m also a little worried about what that says about my own capacities)

Apparently the secret is smoked mackerel for those omega 3s and watch your diet and gut biome kids.


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