You as an entity have been raised and cultivated for years with your own sets of experiences and influences, then imagine a totally separate being that existed in the same space with similar experiences and influences but you’ve never met and have no connection. When the two entities meet they bring together two sets of information that have never existed together before or probably never will exist as such ever again, that’s the beauty of meeting new people – Maximillian Berger

As quickly as I entered the lab I left it. I’ve never been fantastic at goodbyes so I didn’t really bother with the most part but I said bye to bae because frankly I’ve been doggedly following her for days and out of the kindness of her own heart has decided to scan my zebrafish lesions and send them to me (tbh it’s just an excuse for her to slide into my dms)

It is quite sad though, in accordance to the quote above we must also separate from others and the two bodies (I see them more as stars) go on to separate forever again never to cross paths again, there’s a certain nihilistic view to it but I’ve met people before who I’ve met and rapidly developed an affinity towards only to never see again and whilst it sucks major dick I honestly can’t remember most of them so it does eventually go away (which honestly is even sadder if I think about it).

I have learnt a lot of lessons, some which confuse me a little if I’m honest.

I hate clinic, clinic is basically what you call it when you see your doctor, you go in for a checkup, have a little chat and maybe get prescribed some medicine. It is perhaps for me, the worst possible thing that I would have to ever do as a job. There’s something about perhaps having the variety of people, the good bad and ugly, not for me. Perhaps it’s the seemingly meaningless factual recall that doesn’t really test anything, you just regurgitate the same 4 facts over and over again.

I think I like research, or perhaps the group is just incredible, honestly my apprehension with going into was that I wouldn’t talk to anyone and become a lab-coat kid but everyone seems pretty normal and happy with what they do.

I’ll finish here, but seriously this was a bloody great experience I’ll remember fondly for about 3 years.


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