The Meaning of Dreams

Yesterday I dreamt of just about everything that was plaguing me in general life for the last few days.

School makes us wear these collared shirts to school and this major irk of mine has been the collar riding up way too far up the neck and it looks and feels a little strange. In my nightmare world I was plagued by a shirt whose collar seemed to spring back up whenever I pulled it down.

So there it is, I’ve put out all my anxieties into the world, bad collar placement.

Citizenship is a mandatory class we have, instead of giving us an extra 40 minutes of PE a week they decided on this piece of shit that teaches us to be good citizens. I would list off the pointless stuff it’s taught me but I can’t even remember it well enough to list.

I suppose as a culmination they brought in a group of kids to talk about risk taking behaviour (by kids I mean 25 to 40 ish) and damn it was good. Adults chatting pretty openly to kids about anything we had to ask about sex, drugs and just being old. To see these people talk so openly when our teachers tread around the subjects fearfully afraid to breach child protection and keep their jobs was great and pretty eye opening.

I’m not sure what the point is and there’s nothing you can really say about it but eh stop bad breath and have some mints (just read the closest advertisement)

S/o to neb and sofsan who are back on the wagon 💙


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