Game Recognize Game 

He (for some reason the new wordpress app won’t let me start this paragraph with “The”) title of this post marks the hundredth time today that I’ve brought the phrase “Game recognizes game” into this world of ours. I started off with “game see game” then into “game respect game” both which were strange amorphisms of the original that were my addled brain trying to remember the phrase. 

Anyway after hours in rainy Scotland me and a friend had a thought. I’ll preface this by saying that the school year just finished today. Us young s4 pupils have graduated into s5 and are one year closer to university and eventually adulthood. 

With all milestones there’s a hint of sadness and depression that comes with it. 

Today’s bleak though of the day was “What have I actually achieved this year?” 

The problem with a short memory is you can’t remember what you’ve done, or what you were like a year ago. Have I changed much in the last 365 days? Anything that would actually count as making the year successful? 

In the pouring rain we thought about it, perhaps we had, perhaps we hadn’t. It seems a little wasteful if we had somehow squandered a year by not doing anything. 

Perhaps now is the time to go over my founders letter and look at how I’ve changed, it seems like more of a significant day to do it but I’m a lazy sod who has to go save old people from the tyranny of bad service. 

I do wonder if I have actually changed. Perhaps I’ve become more charismatic? Confident? Annoying? Dickish? It’s hard to look at yourself under a microscope and pick apart yourself but I think that’s what I’ll do this holiday in my homeland among the paddy fields. 


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