hus (*Thus, WordPress is being a dick again) begins my last word and testement, my final eulogy and what I want printed on the newspapers the day I die. 

I’m kidding of course, for my obituary I want reems and reems of quality writing not some self rightuous crap I write on the bus in order to fulfill some quota I decided on a year ago. 

I’ve decided after all I’m an extrovert, with others I feel elated and carefree, sure being alone is great and relaxing but damn does the mind wander to dark places and that’s a lot less fun than chatting to the chums. 

Anyway I’m very tired and have made the stupid mistake to go out tonight and stay over at a friend’s so there’s sleep out the window but I reckon I can have a lie in tomorrow and drown my sleepiness and depression in alcohol, fatty foods and TLC. 

Today was prize giving and its basically a ceromony where people who do well (best in year at a subject, sport heroes etc) clap at each other for hours on end. I thought I’d done pretty well getting four but some hard as nails family friend got 8 so turns out no matter how good you are there’s always someone better. 


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