Becoming a Man

Last night I lost my patience. I didn’t really but I grew hairs on my chest. I’d somehow been ripped off in terms of buying alcohol and honestly it seemed a little shan at first but fuck it I was gonna have fun. 

I can’t really be bothered being that kid who goes to one social event and chats about it for months on end but I’ll just say that I’m a little confused after last night and pensive thinking is required and I’m sure this sleep deprived, hungry and slightly bemused state is the one that leads to logical thinking.

There’s something about masculine comraderie that’s just so intoxicating. Perhaps it’s because we all came from tribes, but last night/this morning, sitting in a room, ribbing each other about what we’d done in the night and other random shit. 

Waking up we tidied up a flat we’d destroyed the night before. A half kilo of burnt chips in the oven, a small twin bedroom which we had all stuffed into and a few towels covered in pubes and ketchup (don’t ask).

Perhaps this is what I needed, friendship and magic, perhaps ostracizing myself from this key part of being a male human is what had me all confused about myself. Further investigation, alcohol, revelry and chivalry are needed. 

And in retort to my earlier post about not changing at all in a year, turns out I have, we all have. 

Life gives not what you want, but what you need – strange podcast man 2016

I think that quote is something I’ll need to bear in mind for the rest of my natural life, it seems to be something of a reoccurring theme in life and will stay with you through the ups and downs. 


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