Eighteen Cool

I’m genuinely so out of things to talk about on this blog that I’ve gone back to music, the much-maligned topic that frankly makes me want to kill myself everytime I write so I’ll start with music and then hopefully pivot to something actually interesting.

I think that music taste is an honest indicator of my mood. (there’s another word for honest indicator but I canny remember it) it’s pretty easy to bullshit to youself about how you’re feeling, you don’t wanna admit to yourself that you’re down but the music reflects it. Witt was when I was sad, Hoodie is for happy.

Now I wanna talk about some real bullshit. I wrote two posts but now one has been deleted. A whole fucking post that took me a solid 20 minutes or something to write and needed inspiration, I’m bloody one behind now. (I have 10 queued up so far, and I’m yet to do anything else I need to do tonight so I’m stressing as much as one can stress being wrapped in a bathrobe, watching prison break, eating popcorn and surreptitiously typing into a laptop.

So I don’t really feel like writing anything bloggy right now apart from recovering the other post so sayonara and yeah have a good summer.



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