Honest Fidelity 

I was having lunch whilst listening to some podcast about some crap I can’t really remember but I do remember having a little fleeting moment of inspiration where I typed down this title in the hope that my future self would be clever enough to decipher what it means. I didn’t originally remember what it was but glancing at the crap on my phone I remembered.

It’s about being a real one. Sometimes you meet someone and you talk, you can feel this energy emanate from them that permeates you and that you connect with, these are the guys you friend for life, the girls that you wifey. Other times you talk to someone and just feel ill at ease, there’s some other motive hidden behind their mincing words, even for someone who’s not great at social cues, there’s some part of your brain that just senses something isn’t right with them.

Not living as you are, not being what you were born to be is a nasty nasty thing. It eats away at the soul as you live a lie so yeah your doubly loss ya snakes.

I don’t really have much else to say because frankly I can’t remember shit about what I was meant to write so yeah be a real one.


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