Want That Action Bronson

So I’ve somehow done it, in the little ticker above it says 21 draft posts. I got the big kahuna. Now I can’t be bothered writing one now so I’ll steal one of those and just write an extra one tomorrow.

Night Visions

Back at it again with topics I don’t really know much about but will bullshit until you people believe I do understand it and am therefore the messiah.

I think I’ve actually done a post on this before so I’ll pivot into something else.

I’ve just changed the title, it used to be “Power vs Force”but is now not.

When God created me he kinda fucked up, I was given the memory of a geriatric but the imagination of a 6 year old child this has left me with this terrifying habit of making up memories that seem as if they have actually happened and I’m now not really sure whether or not things have actually happened or not.

I was fiddling about on the piano this morning and was thinking about starting a new piece. I thought I’d open up some old Beethoven book my piano teacher had given me as a parting present (well I borrowed it and never have it back) then it struck me that I had one day after school gone over and returned it to her. Nevertheless I checked the cubby hole and there it was but I had been so sure of this memory that I had actually in fact given it back.

My dreams used to be about unicorns and happiness but for some reason lately they’ve metamorphised into my real life, I’ll dream about talking to people I actually know and talking about things I’d usually talk about in places I would talk to them. Frankly it’s quite mundane but that’s the problem. Looking back at actual conversations and situations I’ve been in real life it all seems kinda fuzzy and hard to recall, the same thing with my dreams so my brain seems to think that my dreams are sometimes memories and I’ll frequently bring up conversations I’ve had in my dreams as if they had actually happened.


One thought on “Want That Action Bronson

  1. I have that problem too and it just creeps me out. I don’t know where these “false memories” come from, but they seem awfully real until something/someone proves me wrong…


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