11:00 – 12:00

And so beings my day of writing, I reckon I’ll try to write a blog post every hour and I’m already out of inspiration but fuck it I’ll drag it out from the pits of my brain, kicking and screaming.

One thing I can talk about is wasting time. Us humans have pretty much identical life span and all have 24 hours a day 365 days a year but some just accomplish a lot more than others I suppose the answer is time management. I don’t really wanna lecture you kids on how you’re wasting your times because currently these last few months “sloth and unreliability” pretty much define my life so maybe this is me deciding to change and become a productive freakbeast like before.

I haven’t actually read the four hour work week but I’m, pretty sure the whole point is maximising output per efforts put in, well right now my efforts to outputs is lower than they’ve ever been but I reckon I can fix it over the day and maybe you’ll see a gentle progression as this day goes on.



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