3:00 – 4:00

Writing this one an hour early because I wanna go out for an extra long walk and yeah.

For some reason youtube categorises epic rap battles of history as actual music so my instant mix is currently lil uzi vert, g-eazy, hoodie allen, ERB and a cheeky bit of blackbear so that’s my calamity of the day.

I don’t really have much of an idea of what to write but I was just thinking about this blogging thing, I was wondering whether or not I’d actually reach my one year quota of 365 blog posts whilst on holiday but I won’t, I’m on 332 posts right now with 21 days of holiday so I’ll probably hit it a week or two after I get back (the maths seems to elude me) anyway I was thinking about talking about loss because frankly I have nothing else to talk about and the last post about rowing got me in the mood for talking about this.

It’s weird how this blog seems to reflect my mood at the time. Usually when I write this I’m in such a tired state that I really just dump words onto a post and hope to god I get likes so I suppose it is my true ideas that kinda influence the post and I reckon the more astute of you can recognise when I’m mad, sad or kinda rad.

HAHA I’m just gonna finish here, but here’s a fun game go back and look at some blog posts and see if you can tell how I was feeling as I wrote them.


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