5:00 – 6:00

If you look a day or so back I have entire blog post where I complain about how I’m a shit texter and hate getting pied, well 20 minutes into my 20 or so hours of podcasts for my holiday and I’ve discovered the cure. I expect way too much, I think that one text will produce immediate banter or 277 replies because it’s so fire and when I don’t get the expected result I go into a strop and then fuck up.

I think this expecting too much is a problem that reoccurs in life, I expected too much from rowing when I didnt put much in, I expected too much of friends and family and perhaps I expect too much of myself but that’s way too deep to talk about right now.

So I think what I need to work on is expecting less, or rather being happier with less, mini bursts of excitement when I get a text back, when I do a pushup or anything that helps me. I need to be happier with small steps and not expect massive leaps that are unlikely to happen.


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