My Dear Old Struan

When this post posts I’ll be in China and I’ll probably be crying because I’m missing Struan this year. I bloody love struan, it’s like summer camp but actually fun because the kids aren’t knobs and we all do fun things. I’ve made friends there, hardened old friendships and lost a few, plus I found out that you should never place your sleeping bag beside the kid who wets the bed (no worry, I only lost my pillow in the accident) but yeah I need a post because I’m a little behind my quota (still need to do 10 posts in 2 days, actually I don’t think I am that behind).

Struan’s a place of great memories, sitting in the shanty tent late at night, everyone sitting on hard wooden benches smiling and laughing, the sound of gas lamps leaking noxious chemicals all around the young campers and watching kids do skits, sing and dance-  it’s infuriatingly good.

Perhaps it’s the river running by, the hills or the midges that bite you just about everywhere but it’s a place that just alleviates all worries. It takes you away from the outside world and places you in a safe space where everyone is equal – and truly equal not the crap that they teach in school but where everyone gets ripped on and respected equally.

It might be being away from technology and social media for so long, to experience real human interaction and meet new people, to refresh yourself and empty yourself from all the pointless crap you don’t need and replace it with real wholesome stuff. Living 24/7 with some pals, old and new, dining and laughing together is a damn pleasure.

I’ll finish it here but anyone who lives in scotland (or doesn’t, we have kids from places like Dubai and France coming)  sign up next year at because sadly for some reason campers seem to keep disappearing (well I did this year) and we can’t let it go because some kids (including me) need it in their lives. Plus it’s a hundred or so years old and we gotta preserve history for the kids, you’ll have a rollicking time – promise.


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