I’ve written this quote who knows how many times but it fits so I’ll write it again:

“You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire” – Seneca

Let’s talk about statistics (I swear I have friends). Tonight at the dinner table mum was chatting about her friend who constantly buys lotto tickets and is convinced she’s going to win the jackpot one day and my mother was lowkey mocking her, I did too until I realised that I had this same fallacy as this woman had.

I’m terrified of planes, they’re scary big metal tunnels of radiation that have a tendancy to suddenly fall out of the sky in a scary ball of flames, problem is they don’t. The chances of actually being in a plane crash is miniscule. In my lifetime there’s virtually no chance I, nor anyone else I know will ever be in a plane crash but my fear of it is just as real as my fear of spiders or pretty girls.

Us people seem to all think that we’ll be extra lucky when it comes to favourable outcomes and unlucky in terms of unfavourable outcomes.

This seems like one of those little human fallacies that make us tick and I think that’s what I’ll be thinking about in these few weeks when I’m stranded from western civilisation and fried food and perhaps then I’ll finally understand how to talk to girls



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