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My surplus of posts is growing, where before there were only 2 I now have 7 and a few days left to write 14 more. I’m tempted to take a chance that WordPress works in china or that my VPN will work and just write them daily in china but that’s a scary risk and I’m not the kind of kid who takes risks so I’ll probably just write as many as I can today and tomorrow and then one an hour on Monday (love setting myself stupid challenges).

Since I’ve already said it here’s the topic of the day: Taking risks.

I did it in the title already, perhaps people will just think I’m a knob and not click the post or perhaps people will love it and click and I’ll gain some dedicated followers.

I did an impromptu talk on it last week so I’ll just transcribe that to the best of my ability/memory.

I’ve never been a person to take risks, sure I love to take the occassional just to piss myself off like jumping across a river into a bed of nettles but not really serious risks. Before every exam, no matter how easy, I’ll revise my hands off in an attempt to not risk failure. Do I really need to revise for these easy 20 point tests? No. I could probably just sit down and get an A but I’m so paranoid and afraid of risk I’m convinced I’ll fail if I don’t revise. My plan for this talk was to just get up and riff for a couple of minutes unprepared. This talk was supposed to be me taking a risk and then getting major points for it because it’s so clever and out of the box compared to all the sweats who’ve spent hours researching and preparing powerpoints. When I was sick on the day I was meant to do it, I was partly thankful because it meant I would have a whole summer to prepare for this and the risk would be gone, this morning I found out I’d have to do it today and the fear of taking risks returned. I’m not gonna pretend I’ve actually prepared and the notes I’m reading from are just a bunch of crap I copy pasted from the Internet and haven’t actually read yet so yeah I suppose I just took a risk telling you that.

Why don’t we take risks? As with most things that impact our lives in the modern world it originates from our ancestor, thousands of years ago. I’ve always been fascinated with anthropology and sociology so this is what I’ve gathered from some things I’ve read. Back in the day in a tribe you’d have your position, hunter, fisher, Carpenter and so on. Taking a risk like taking on a boar one on one or pursuing that fine cavewoman, if successful, would only produce a minor reward, social mobility was pretty low back then. The consequences for failure were pretty drastic, death from being punctured by a boar or the cave-husband comes out and cave-beatsyouthefuckup.

So take risks kids, do something you wouldn’t normally do, take up a new hobby, don’t revise for a test or chat to that girl you wouldn’t normally dare to because life’s too short to be safe.


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