Individuality and Uniqueness

The first of twenty something blog posts to stretch between the few weeks I’m in China, greeting the elderlies, swimming in pools of rice and hopefully discovering myself through tea and tears and te(a)nacity.

Right now (as I write this) I’m stuck on a bus whose WiFi is refusing to work so I’ve been forced to actually write a few blog posts.

Today’s will be about the fallacy of individualness, how we all think we’re all special snowflakes but in reality we all confirm to a few select shapes.

Ever had a thought we’re you’re all like “I don’t think anyone else thinks/feels this way” then ask someone else and discover it’s the same for them?

What I think I’m trying to say is that don’t be worried about things that you think only you experience, it’s probably something that most people have gone through and survived, it probably isn’t the most useful message if you truly are suffering but I think it’s important to remember.

Because we only have a window into our own souls we can’t imagine being in someone else’s or being like someone else, that’s why we have this fallacy that makes us feel unique and that no one else is the same as us. But every single human being has this soul that we think of, think like you do and process an individual set of inputs with biases, fallacies and truancies (needed something that ended in -ies) so just remember you’re not the only sentient being on Earth.


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