Chicken Bite Expectations

Let’s start this one off with a story. I live pretty close to a supermarket that has this hot food counter that is literally so lit.For a few pound you can get huge barbecue ribs, chicken nuggets, wings and drumsticks.

One night I went over because I was hungry, tired and lit because I’d just gotten the Witt album. I walk up and the nicest woman I’ve ever met is serving, I first saw her selling this young couple a rotisserie chicken for a pittance and told the girl “not to worry, I’m not flirting with your boyfriend” so basically she was as cool as a woman who works at a deli counter can be. I ask for 10 rib bites which are these damn spicy and she ends up just pouring whatever’s left into a bag and giving it to me, I think I got like 40 something which ruined my gastrointestinal system but I’m still forever grateful.

Problem is now everytime I go get food there I expect them to double my order for free, they never do and I get seriously disappointed. The fucked up thing is that they usually give you more than you paid for, just not quite what that girl gave me. That one experience has now ruined any happiness I could have received from receiving a few extra chicken bites.

Perhaps I would’ve been better off if I had never got that many rib bites on that day, maybe there’s an argument for only ever having average days and not having extremely good days because they make your normal days seem crap. Like I always cry after going to camp because real life which is normally pretty cool is shite compared to camp. Does that mean I should stop going to camp? Probably not, but it’s still an annoying phenomenon.



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