Heart of Suffering

Not quite sure how I’ve scheduled my posts but it seems as if I don’t actually have enough to tide me over until I get back (its probably a time zone thing and I’ll be fine) but I thought I’d write another blog post right now seeing as I don’t really have anything else to do here. 

One of the videos I’ve been watching is about using isolation to discover your purpose and reset yourself. In it Redbeard quotes David Deida and I’ll try replicate it now. 

Take trips with other men into isolation. No media, television, mobile phones, books, sweets or anything to detract from your isolation only conversations about truth and love. Learn to become bored, embrace your boredum, make love to it. Wallow in your boredum as you sit on the toilet, before you fall asleep when you wake up. 

When you go through your boredum, there you will find the deep cause of all your suffering and what you attempt to mask with all these distractions, your fear of death, realize this and embrace this. 

He goes on to say some other stuff but that’s the general gist of it. It seems a little ra-ra but living here in china it becomes step kindly obvious both through myself and watching others. Everyone here is stuck to a screen, as they cross a road, on the bus, in restaurants eating meals. They distract themselves from their lives with pointless articles about eating and global news and stuff that really when it boils down to it doesn’t matter. 

My first idea was for this week to just lose my phone, stick it in a drawer and forget about it, problem is I’m not immune to this fear of boredum and what that entails. I did have a day or two where I just left the fucker alone and bored myself to death which were thought provoking and I felt that I finally had some semblance of a cognisent consciousness but the draw of free distraction lured me back. I knew I probably shouldn’t pick up the crack phone again but my mind somehow rationalized it was better for me, the mind can do powerful things but I think I should just do what I know is right, now what feels comfortable so after I schedule this post the phone is going in that drawer for a good while so I can finally get through some books and find the root cause of life’s sufferings. 

Plus lowkey wanna get enlightened and grounded and present and cool so I really need to learn how to have fun without constant stimulation from the phone. And yeah I’d say I’ve had a dip in net happiness and mindfulness after I turned the little metal slab back on. 


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