Strangers in Passing

There isn’t much right now I have to write about and I still have a solid 3 more posts in my quota after this, I do have 5 or so hours today to write all that so I might actually e inspired stuff.

I do have this niggling itch to just flame everyone I know and write everyone’s dirty secrets on my blog and be relatively free of the consequences for a month.

It isn’t that I actually need to write all these blog posts beforehand, I’ve got a VPN set up so I can probably just write them during the day and post them at night when I have the WiFi but I think I might just delete the VPN from my phone.

My reason for doing this, other than the fact it makes my phone infuriatingly slow and probably gives it every single virus under the sun, is that I want to have a month of peace and solace, a month where I don’t think about Edinburgh and school, friends and rubbish like that. I’ll have a month to myself, to go inside myself and see what really makes me tick, I’ll probably hate it but these things need to happen.

When I went back last time I’d totally screwed up, I spent most of my time just listening to crappy white trash music and podcasts that I didn’t really care about, probably all just so I could avoid having to be alone with myself but this year I’ll try and cut out all distractions and see what happens.


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